Quarter Madness is Back for 9th Year at Kewanee Elks Club March 20th

Quarter Madness is back for the 9th year at the Elks Club in Kewanee. Diane Packee is one of the organizers for Quarter Madness which is a unique form of fundraising auction in which participants purchase auction paddles and place their bids by placing quarters into the pot for items they hope to win. Paddles are really where the money is made at Quarter Madness with paddles giving participants the chance to pay as little as $5.00 for the chance to win a big ticket item… 

Paddles can be purchased at the door at the Elks Club on March 20th or you can purchase your paddle ahead of time by stopping by the Ultimate Detailing building directly across from the Red Apple in Kewanee. Gold and Platinum paddles mean you are in for every item that goes up for grabs at Quarter Madness while white paddles are where your quarters come into play. Quarter Madness gets underway at 6 Pm at the Elks Club in Kewanee on March 20th and you can hear more about the incredible local businesses offering items at Quarter Madness and what some of those items are that you could win by listening to our our Tuned In interview with Diane Packee linked here.

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