OSF Saint Luke Medical Center Touting the Importance of Having a Primary Care Physician

A surprising number of people do not have a primary care physician. OSF Saint Luke Medical Center is working to change that by touting the benefits of regular check ups with one doctor or team who know you and can track your health needs. Dr Andy Peterson is currently accepting new patients as a Primary Care Physician at OSF Saint Luke Medical Center and he spoke to WKEI on Monday about the benefits of seeing the same doctor on a regular basis. While having a Primary Care Physician is something everyone should seek out, most of the patients who come to Dr Peterson only get there after something has gone wrong with their health… 

Having a primary care doctor that you see can actually help keep you healthy longer by catching problems before they become major health problems. So why do so many people not currently have a primary care doctor? 

Dr Andy Peterson, along with Amber Wood from OSF Saint Luke Medical Center, was our guest on Tuned In on Monday and you can hear the entirety of that interview in our Tuned In Podcast linked here

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