National Weather Services Announces Heat Advisory for Wednesday

The national weather service out of the Quad Cities has issued a Heat Advisory, in effect for the entirety of the Regional Media listening area. Temperatures in the area will be around 94 degrees for a high on Wednesday. That however, is amplified by the so-called Heat Index. Increasing humidity on Wednesday will make the ‘feels like temperature’ 105 degrees. This kind of heat can raise the risk for heat related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The warmest of the warm temperatures on this Wednesday, will be felt between 11 Am and 7 Pm. Residents in the Regional Media listening area are advised to take precautions, drink plenty of water if you decide to go out and make sure you have plenty of water for pets. Dogs and cats can become dehydrated and ill due to heat just as much as any human being. has advice for what to watch for if you’re concerned about your pet and heat related illnesses.

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