McCombie Strongly Opposes New Sex Education Bill

State Representative Tony McCombie is speaking out against a new sex education bill which passed the Illinois House over the weekend in a party line vote. SB818, introduced by State Representative Camille Lilly, a Democrat from Chicago, includes provisions to begin some forms of sex education as young as Pre-K students. The bill would also include teaching kids regarding sexually transmitted diseases, and would include standards for teaching regarding LGBTQ and Gender Fluidity. In speaking against the bill, State Representative Tony McCombie stated on the House floor

“Before I close, I want to read something from a parent, many of you are parents in this room. ‘I would say, first and foremost, it undermines my ability to be a parent to my child. The government is taking my right as a parent away to have those conversations with my kids and for my kids to learn that I am there to ask questions."” McCombie continued from the letter stating” ‘That teacher will not always be there for them. but I will. Concerning my kids, my attention is focused on them, one on one. They’re going to have one teacher to administer this difficult and confusing topic for 30 kids at a time. There is no way that a teacher and a cartoon book can replace the attention of a parent."”

SB818 passed the House on Friday in a 60 to 48 vote.

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