Marjabelle Stewart Scholarship Fund Announces Open Applications

The Marjabelle Stewart Scholarship Committee announced on Tuesday morning that they are now accepting applications for their annual scholarship for those graduating High School and preparing for college and those seeking to further their college education. According to the press release from the Scholarship Commitee: "The scholarships are open to women of Henry County who are or will be attending college during the 2020-2021 school year.  Women who are graduating seniors and those of any age who are in a degree program are encouraged to apply according to Marsha Timmerman. Timmerman serves as treasurer of the sponsoring group.  The application deadline is April 10, 2020 and the awardees will be announced this spring. Two scholarships will be awarded – one to a graduating high school senior and the other to one who is continuing their education – each scholarship is $1000." The scholarships are awarded by Republican Woman of Henry County in the memory of Marjabelle Stewart, a long time supporter of Republican candidates in Henry County. Those interested can request an application by emailing [email protected] Those with questions can leave a message at Henry County Republican Headquarters 815-627-6134. Requirements for the scholarship also include voting in the Republican Primary on March 17th. Those not yet registered to vote can get in touch with the Henry County Clerk's Office in Cambridge. 

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