Law Enforcement Coalition Comes Together to Oppose Changes to Cash Bail

A coalition of members of law enforcement including the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the Illinois Sheriff's Assocation, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, the Illinois Labor Council and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police released a statement on Monday that announced the formation of the Coalition for Public Safety. The mission of the Coalition for Public Safety is for these groups of law enforcement to come together and speak with one voice in opposition to the elimination of the cash bail system in the state of Illinois. According to those speaking on behalf of the Coalition for Public Safety, the elimination of cash bail will make communities less safe by allowing arrestees to more quickly bond out of jail and cause law enforcement to have to repeatedly round up the same offenders over and over again, offenders who might remain behind bars if they had to meet the current standard of cash bail. The Coalition for Public Safety claim that eliminating cash bail will make communities less safe. The Coalition for Public Safety intends to lobby lawmakers to try to stop several criminal justice reform bills currently moving through the Illinois statehouse but especially those related to the elimination of cash bail. Members of the Coalition who spoke to the media on Monday claimed that lawmakers were failing to listen to those who are on the front line when it comes to criminal justice and they aim to change that via the efforts of the Coalition. 

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