Kewanee Police Increasing Presence at Wethersfield Following Unspecified Threats

The Kewanee Police announced on Thursday morning that they will increase patrols around the area of Wethersfield Schools. According to information released to the media on Thursday morning, Kewanee Police and Wethersfield School officials received a tip regarding a potential shooting at the school. This was just a tip and has not fully verified or substantiated as a legitimate threat. Neverthelss, Kewanee Police are choosing to increase presence at Wethersfield as a precaution. On Thursday morning, the Kewanee Police and Wethersfield School District released a joint statement regarding the increased patrols…

“Joint Statement from Wethersfield CUSD #230 and Kewanee Police Department
Out of an abundance of caution, additional officers with the Kewanee Police Department will be present in Wethersfield CUSD #230 this week. The additional police presence is in response to a tip received by law enforcement that there was a rumor going around about a shooting that will be taking place at Wethersfield High School on Friday.

The Kewanee Police Department has not substantiated any threats at this time, but are still actively investigating the matter in conjunction with school officials. Nevertheless, Wethersfield CUSD #230 and the Kewanee Police Department take all threats seriously, and additional police presence will be made available out of an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of students and staff.

We are unable to release any more information about this situation at this time due to the ongoing investigation by the Kewanee Police Department. We encourage anyone with information about this situation to contact the Kewanee Police Department.

Thank you for your continued support of our students.”

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