Kewanee Police Arrest 15 Year Old Male in Investigation of School Shooting Threat

After having announced increased patrol presence at Wethersfield School District following word of a threat of a school shooting, the Kewanee Police have announced the arrest of a 15 year old make in connection with the alleged threat. The following statement was issued by Kewanee Police…

“The Kewanee Police Department is announcing that a 15-year-old male juvenile has been arrested as of this morning. This is the culmination of a police investigation that began with a tip about a potential shooting at Wethersfield High School that was to allegedly take place on Friday. After releasing a joint statement with school officials, detectives were able to gather more information about the tip from multiple students that came forward to identify the suspect. The male juvenile was taken into custody at his home without incident. The juvenile and his father were cooperative with officers during the investigation. The male juvenile was eventually released to the custody of his father and referred to the Henry County Juvenile Probation Office after being charged with the preliminary offense of Falsely Making a Terroristic Threats (Class 1 Felony).

The completion of the investigation revealed to officers that the threats were made out of anger and poor judgement, not with malice intent. At this time, the Kewanee Police Department does not believe there to be an imminent threat to the school or the students. However, there will still be a police presence at the school and associated events to help ease any concerns of parents or community members. The Kewanee Police Department would like to thank the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, the Henry County State’s Attorney Office, and officials from the Wethersfield School District for their cooperation in conjunction with this successful investigation.

The Kewanee Police Department would like to remind all citizens and students to immediately inform school officials and law enforcement of any potential statements that could endanger the safety of our area schools. We want to thank everyone that provided valuable information that led to a peaceful resolution to this incident.

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