Kewanee Police and Henry County State’s Attorney Will Not Pursue Charges in Death of Kate Clague

Rumors had been spreading indicating that perhaps there may have been intent involved in the accident that took the life of 80 year old Katherine Clague. Those rumors however, are not enough for the Kewanee Police Department and the Henry County State’s Attorney who each told WKEI on Thursday that they will not be pursuing any other charges against J.B Wilson, the driver of the truck that struck and killed Katherine Clague. Social media speculation had indicated potential bad blood between J.B Wilson and members of Clague’s family but regardless of the speculation, after reviewing evidence in the case, including security camera footage from the Kewanee Wal Mart, both Kewanee Police Chief Nick Welgat and Henry County State’s Attorney, Catherine Runty indicated separately to WKEI that no further charges would be pursued in the matter. Wilson was charged on the day of the accident, Tuesday, March 23rd, with Driving without a License.

In a brief comment posted to the comment section, the daughter of Katherine Clague, Amelia Ross stated “We, her children, have all forgiven J.B. Wilson. This was a tragic accident, which he will have to live with for the rest of his life. We bear him no ill will. Our mother was unconscious for the majority of the time after the accident. She did not suffer.” Ross did however state, in a follow up post “While her children are not pursuing anything against him. It is hoped that the State’s Attorneys Office will take appropriate action.” There was no indication what was intended by the statement “Appropriate Action.”

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