Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore Discusses the Most Recent Kewanee City Council Meeting

Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore joined WKEI on Tuned In to follow up on Monday’s Kewanee City Council Meeting. Mayor Moore talked about Wood Boilers and the discussion about allowing for wood boilers in the City of Kewanee from Monday night’s meeting. The City of Kewanee will be permitting and regulating Wood Burners but they will not require a Special Use permit for the burners. A final ordinance should be up at the next Kewanee City Council Meeting. Also discussed during last night’s Kewanee City Council Meeting was escalated bidding when it comes to bidding on City owned property. Mayor Moore feels escalated bidding is fair and legal but the rest of council, aside from the absent Chris Colomer, appeared to oppose escalated bidding. And finally, we addressed the coming retirement of Kewanee City Engineer Scott Hinton and whether or not the City of Kewanee should continue to have a full time City Engineer.

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