Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore Addresses Rising Sewer Rates and New Noise Ordinance in Kewanee

Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore joined WKEI on Wake Up Tri-Counties on Tuesday morning. The Mayor of Kewanee was on hand to discuss Monday night’s Kewanee City Council Meeting. Among the items discussed was an approved raise in the Sewer Rate in Kewanee. Mayor Moore explained that repairs and upgrades at the City’s waste water treatment plant were the reason behind the $3.00 increase in rates. The Mayor also discussed the new noise ordinance in Kewanee which creates a standard decibel rate for residential areas and businesses in residential areas. The new ordinance means a uniform standard for the law related to noise complaints and the decibel level. The Mayor also briefly touched on why the Council decided to table a discussion and vote on contracts for operating the Kewanee Animal Control Pound. Two groups are bidding on the contract and one council member was not able to be at Monday’s meeting which led to the decision to table the contract until next meeting.

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