Iowa Federal Prisoners Held at Henry County Jail

In a conversation with WKEI on Friday, Henry County Board Chairman Marshall Jones briefly discussed how Federal prisoners who were being held at facilities in Iowa are now being housed at the Henry County Jail. After the show, Marshall Jones elaborated to WKEI regarding the prisoners. Mr Jones confirmed with Henry County Sheriff Kerry Loncka that the prisoners being held in Henry County were transferred from a federal facility in Muscatine, Iowa. There is no word as to why the transfer was requested, it was a federal bureau of prisons decision.

The move to bring the federal prisoners from Muscatine to Henry County was made as both a goodwill gesture to the Federal Bureau of Prisoners and as a revenue enhancement as housing federal prisoners comes with a price tag. Henry County is compensated by the Federal government for providing the service. Marshall Jones assured WKEI that all of the prisoners brought from Muscatine County were tested for COVID-19.

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