Illinois Congressional Delegation Calls for State Aid for Community Health Centers

All 18 members of the Illinois congressional delegation have signed on to a letter calling for emergency aid for Community Healthcare Centers. 51 such community healthcare centers currently operate as part of the Illinois Primary Healthcare Association. These community healthcare centers serve more than 1 million, mostly rural, patients across the state of Illinois and due to COVID-19, they’ve subsequently been forced to scale back services. As a result, the loss in revenue threatens to close nearly half of these vital healthcare outlets.

Cyrus Winnett is a spokesperson for the Illinois Primary Healthcare Association and he says the letter is a strong indication of the importance of these rural healthcare outlets. “It’s a letter that encourages Governor J.B Pritzker and the Illinois General Assembly to work together to provide community healthcare centers with the funding and resources they need as soon as possible.” Winnett continues, “We’re facing a dire situation in which community healthcare centers are foregoing all non-emergency services, which is the right thing to do right, we don’t need unnecessarily exposing themselves to COVID-19, but in doing so that decreases our patient volume and it is really hitting our revenue.”

“Community Healthcare Centers are non-profit organizations that run on very thin margins.” Winnett continues, “So losing that revenue is having an immediate effect, putting them into a position to have to make tough financial decisions.” Winnett say the group is “hoping to generate some fast action from state policymakers and lawmakers to make sure these vital center of our healthcare industry stays intact.”

You can read the letter, signed by the entire Illinois congressional delegation below…

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