Henry County Emergency Operations Center Now at Partial Activation on COVID-19 Concerns

The Henry County Emergency Operations Center has announced that they are now at Level 2 Partial Activation due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The announcement was made on the Henry County Office of Emergency Management Facebook Page… 


"At the request of the County Public Health Administrator, with the advice and consent of the County Board Chairs of Henry and Stark Counties; The Director of the Henry County OEM was ordered yesterday morning, to move the Henry County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to a LEVEL TWO- PARTIAL ACTIVATION.

The EOC continues to report NO confirmed cases in either Counties. The EOC's current objectives involve revising plans and locating scarce logistical resources.

These past 24 hours allowed the OEM Director to personally brief our Health Care Partners and County Hospitals, as well as having presented numerous contingency plans and safety strategies to our County Sheriffs and Municipal Police Chiefs.

The Henry County OEM and Heath Department- continue to respond to this evolving threat in real time".


The Henry County Emergency Operations Center released a graphic to explain the levels at which they activate for response to emergencies… 


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