Henry and Stark County Health Department COVID-19 Recovery Rate Data

The Henry and Stark County Health Department on Wednesday released their latest Recovery Rate Data for COVID-19 patients. According to the numbers, based on 323 individual cases of COVID-19 in Henry and Stark County, just over 32% of COVID-19 patients in Henry County are confirmed to be in the category of Symptoms Resolved, the closest category to fully recovered from COVID-19. That number might be higher but for the number of people with an unknown symptom status which is now the largest category of data in the Henry and Stark County Health Department numbers.  Just over 43% of positive tests for COVID-19 are either choosing not to share their symptom status with the Henry and Stark County Health Department or are simply unreachable. There are currently 2 people in Henry County who are hospitalized with COVID-19. 26 people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 are Asymptomatic, they’ve tested positive but are showing no symptoms. 49 people are symptomatic at home with COVID-19 and one person, a woman in her 50s has died from COVID-19.

Symptomatic at Home 43

Symptomatic Hospitalized 2

Asymptomatic 26

Symptoms Resolved 105

Unknown Symptom Status 140

Deaths 1

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