Henry and Stark County Health Department Battling Misinformation Over Who Needs to be Tested

The message is that testing is for those who need it. That from RaeAnn Tucker Marshall from the Henry and Stark County Health Department. RaeAnn was our guest on WKEI on Wednesday along with Sandy Sommar, Director of Clinic Services. RaeAnn’s mission on Wednesday was to clear up misconceptions about testing. A headline in the Star Courier proclaimed that tests for COVID-19 are now available in Henry County. That is true but tests aren’t available to everyone. Rae and Sandy explained to WKEI that, for now, tests are for people who absolutely need to be tested. Tests are not available to anyone who wishes to be tested. Screenings are being performed to determine who needs to be tested. You can listen to our complete interview with RaeAnn Tucker Marshall and Sandy Sommar below…

The Henry and Stark County Health Department will be updating the COVID-19 situation each weekday morning at 8:10 on WKEI for the foreseeable future.

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