Henry and Stark Count Health Department Calling on Parents to Keep Kids Home if They Have Symptoms

By the time you read this, Henry County will have surpassed 400 individual cases of COVID-19 and more than 200 cases in the Month of August alone. The number might seem small compared to the population of Henry County but with each of those cases causing other cases due to proximity, the ripple effect is an increasing infection rate. Henry County has hovered around 5% of all tests returning positive for several weeks. If that percentage of tests rises, Henry County, as part of Region 2 could face penalties now being faced in Southern Illinois where the outbreak is larger and the infection rate is over 8%. The math and rationale is complicated but we broke it down well with Duane Stephens, director of the Henry and Stark County Health Department on People to People. We also spent a good portion of our conversation on COVID-19 and schools and calling on parents to be more vigilant about keeping kids home if they are symptomatic, even if they have not tested for COVID-19.

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