Galva Powerlifter Makes History Again with New Record Lifts

Galva born powerlifter Daniel Bell has made powerlifting history once again. According to the powerlifting news site, Bell set a new record during a competition in Sarasota, Florida over the weekend. Just three months ago, Bell set the world record for the all time powerlifting total in knee wraps. This past weekend, Bell did the unthinkable in the world of powerlifing and broke a new record in Sleeved competition. Bell became the first athlete in history to Squat over 1000 pounds and Deadlift over 900 pounds in Sleeved Competition. According to Barbend, Bell's lifts were legendary 


Squat: 455kg/1003lbs
Bench: 262.5kg/578lbs
Deadlift: 410kg/903lbs
Total: 1127.5kg/2485lbs ATWR


Congratulations to Galva's own Daniel Bell on his remarkable feats of strength. 

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