Galva Police Confirm Officer Saw a Child But No Child Reported Missing

Galva Police have confirmed that an officer did see a small child in Galva late Tuesday night. According to information provided by witnesses and the Galva Police Department, the officer saw the child some time around 10:30 Pm however, when the officer approached the child, the child fled and the officer was unable to locate him. A search was initiated and several residents were contacted late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. However, no child has been reported missing as of 10:30 Am Wednesday morning. All searches for a missing child have been called off for the time being. No further information is being revealed at this time.

Earlier, WKEI reported several eye witness accounts via the Galva Ready to Grow Facebook page which indicated the child was male, between the ages of 4 and 5 years old, with sandy blonde hair. Galva residents were contacted and asked to search their property, garages, et cetera in case a child were hiding somewhere in town. Some had reported that the whole incident was a hoax. What we know for sure is a search was initiated, no child was located and as far as anyone knows, no children are currently missing in Galva.

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