Galva Mayor Rich Volkert Discusses Fiber Internet in Galva and Security at Wiley Park

The Mayor of Galva, Rich Volkert, joined WKEI on People to People on WKEI. The Mayor joined us to talk about Monday’s Galva City Council Meeting. Among the topics discussed was the potential for bringing fiber internet to Galva. Security at Wiley Park, now that the new stage is set and plans for concerts have begun, has become an issue and the Galva City Council is planning to have security cameras at Wiley Park in hopes of preventing or catching anyone from committing crimes in the park. Finally, Mayor Volkert discussed an issue that Galva is having with the railroad and the number of times that train cars have stopped traffic in town for lengthy periods of time, potentially cutting off the Fire Department and the local ambulance service which are on opposite sides of train tracks.


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