Galesburg Touting Results and First Arrests Under New Violent Crime Task Force

The City of Galesburg is touting the successful results from the City’s new Violent Crime Task force. Announced last Friday at a press conference at Galesburg City Hall, the task force comprises a number of different law enforcement agencies from around the Galesburg and Knox County area to target violent crime. On Wednesday, Galesburg announced the arrest of four people following investigations by the Violent Crime Task Force.

Davon C Barber, age 25, was arrested for possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a firearm with defaced markings (serial number scratched off).

Treamon L Turner, age 21, was arrested for aggravated assault, unlawful use of weapons, and intimidation.

Jarvis M Lewis, age 27, was arrested for manufacture/delivery of cannabis over 500 grams, possession of cannabis over 500 grams, and obstructing justice.

Orlando J Hernandez, age 24, was arrested for aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

In addition to these arrests, the Galesburg Police Department has seized two illegally possessed firearms and approximately five pounds of cannabis.

Galesburg Police Chief Russell idle stated, “It is our hope that these arrests and future arrests will help to make the Galesburg community safer for our citizens.”

For more on Galesburg’s Violent Crime Task Force check out last Friday’s press conference.


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