Fox News Legal Contributor Talks About COVID-19 and the Law on WKEI

Can COVID-19 be considered an act of God and can that be used to legally break a contract? Judges are being asked this question as businesses struggling through the pandemic are having to find ways to honor contracts with employees and vendors while not having the revenue they once had for these contracts to hold their value. We spoke with Fox News Radio legal expert Loretta Powers about COVID-19 and contracts. We also discussed how COVID-19 is altering the laws related to the treatment of Opioid Addiction. It’s a corner of our law that is vast yet overlooked right now. Restrictions on treatments are being relaxed in order to compensate for the lack of in person care that those in need of treatment can no longer get. Finally, we discussed the legality of releasing President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Just how much freedom should non-violent offenders who receive early release, due to the virus, have?

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