Director Jared Cohen Talks About the New Lynyrd Skynyrd Movie Street Survivors

Jared Cohen has fought a more than three year battle to bring the movie Street Survivors: The Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash to the big screen. When he began, he’d planned on making use of classic Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes with the aid of Skynyrd drummer, Artemis Pyle. The story of Street Survivors is based on Pyle’s own book and his eye witness account. Pyle features prominently in the movie as unique stylistic experiment as well. Street Survivors is now arriving for rental on On-Demand streaming services on June 30th. It may not have the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes, but it does have Artemis Pyle whose presence lends the movie credibility and authenticity. Writer-Director Jared Cohen was our guest on People to People on Monday.

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