COVID-19 Closure Causes Geneseo Park District to Let Go More than 200 Employees

Due to the closures related to the Coronavirus, the Geneseo Park District terminated, laid off and furloughed, 223 employees. The move is intended as a temporary measure to deal with the impact of COVID-19. The Park District will operate with a crew of only 8 people for the time being. Those employees have been dedicated to cleaning, sanitizing and repairing equipment.

The announcement regarding Park District Personnel came as the Park District announced it would not be charging membership fees for the time that the Park District facilities are closed. Instead, fees will resume being charged once the facilities re-open. Members will have the time away from the facilities added on to the end of their membership. As for the Park District employees, Park District Executive Director Andy Thurman stated they hope to bring back as many employees as possible as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the Park District resumes regular work.

You may read the announcement from the Geneseo Park Director, Andy Thurman, on the Park District Facebook page.

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