Courtyard Communities Taking Donations for Local Seniors

Courtyard Communities, elder care properties operated by Peterson Healthcare, are accepting donations on behalf of local seniors. Maisey Postin with Peterson Healthcare tells WKEI that properties including Courtyard Estates of Galva, Courtyard Estates of Kewanee, Betty’s Garden Memory Care of Kewanee, Courtyard Village in Kewanee and Courtyard Estates of Bradford, are now accepting donations of canned goods and other essential items. The goal is to collect donated supplies and deliver them to seniors who need them around the community. If you know a senior in need of supplies or you are a senior in need of supplies, contact Courtyard Communities at 309-853-2460 and they will set up a way to deliver needed supplies. For those in need of more extensive help during this difficult time, be sure to ask Courtyard Communities about their care programs for both long-term and short-term care. If you have items to donate simply drop them in the box at any of the previously mentioned locations and those supplies will be delivered to those in need.

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