Colona Police Warning of Publisher’s Clearinghouse Scam

The Colona Police Department won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes! At least, that’s what a scam caller told a Colona Police officer when the officer answered one of the non-emergency lines at the Colona Police Department. The scam caller may have been using an auto-dial system that prevented them from hearing the officer thank them for calling the Colona Police Department. Once on the line however, the scammer began telling the officer about how they’d won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstake but in order to receive their grand prize, they needed to pay 5% of the winnings in order to transfer their winning funds. FYI, that’s not how winning any financial prize works. The caller went on to identify themselves as a man from Las Vegas, and officers were sure to note the incoming number for further investigation.

Nevertheless, the point Colona Police are making is that scam calls that ask you to pay them to deliver your ‘prize,’ are scams and if you don’t simply hang up on the scam caller you could end getting taken for a lot of money. Just hang up is the best advice and if you do receive one of these calls, make sure to note some details and the contact the authorities immediately. You can see the well humored report from the Colona Police Department on the Department Facebook page, linked here.

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