City Property Soon to be for Sale and Beekeeping on Tonight’s Kewanee City Council Agenda

A pair of City owner properties are up for sale and a discussion of Beekeeping in the City of Kewanee will be on the agenda for tonight's Kewanee City Council Meeting. The meeting will get underway at 7 Pm at Kewanee City Hall. The meeting will be broadcast live on our WKEI Facebook page beginning at 7 Pm. 


The property items on tonight's agenda will, if passed by the Council, place these two parcels of land up for sale. Both are empty lots, the photo below indicates a home that was recently torn down on that property. The City of Kewanee, if the ordinance passes, will place these two parcels for sale to the highest bidders via sealed bids that will be advertised in the near future. 


The Discussion of Bees and Beekeeping on tonight's agenda stems from an entry in the Kewanee City Council Packet on February 24th wherein City Staff asked for a review of ordinances related to Bees in the City of Kewanee… 


— 90 percent of all bees are solitary insects, meaning that they don’t live in colonies
or hives, or even produce honey like the bees that we’re typically used to. When we think
of bees, we’re most likely to conjure up images of the European Honey Bee that was
imported to this continent by early settlers. Yet the bees that are native to our land, the
solitary kind, are critically important to the pollination of plants and trees that produce
fruits and vegetables. Bees have been identified as one of the most important life forms
for the survival of our planet, and yet our local ordinances not only don’t protect them, they
prohibit them. We should, at the very least, review our ordinances to consider the
allowance of native species of bees, perhaps allowing the keeping of honey bees in certain
areas as a special use.


Councilman Mike Komnick mentioned the Packet entry in his Council Communications and indicated interest in moving the discussion forward…. 


New Business

a) Consideration of an Ordinance #3998 directing the sale of excess real estate located at 607 n
Tremont St.


b) Consideration of an Ordinance #3999 directing the sale of excess real estate located at 3rd
and Main

c) Discussion of potential changes regarding § 91.06 Beekeeping within the City prohibited




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