City of Kewanee Waiving Late Fees and Penalties Related to Utility Payments

The City of Kewanee announced today that late fee or penalties for non-payment or late payment of utility bills are being waived. In the release from City Manager Gary Bradley, “We have a lot of customers who work in the service industry or in other sectors where their income has been reduced or cut out completely,” City Manager Gary Bradley said, adding “We
understand that COVID-19 has impacted many of our customers financially and we’re doing our part to ease that burden.” That said, those who are able to pay their utility fees are asked to please do so in order to help the City meet the necessities of City business. “We still have operations to manage, people to pay, power bills, and everything that goes into operating the utility systems we provide. We have no way to know which households are impacted and which ones aren’t, so we are working on the honor system,” Bradley stated. For those that are able to pay their utility bills you may do so online or via the dropbox outside of City Hall. You can also mail payments to Kewanee City Hall at 401 East 3rd Street, Kewanee, IL 61443.

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