City of Kewanee to Start Search for New City Engineer

Less than a year into his time with the City of Kewanee, City Engineer Scott Hinton has announced his retirement. Hinton, whom the City hired away from the City of Molline in January of 2020, has told City Manager Gary Bradley of his plans to retire. In notes for the next Kewanee City Council Meeting, City Manager Gary Bradley stated that the City of Kewanee was “fortunate to
have stolen him away from Moline for as long as we had him and hope that anyone else we can lure away from their organization can make the same type of contributions.”

The memo from the City Manager refers only to Scott Hinton’s upcoming retirement but does not mention an exact date when Mr Hinton will be stepping down. The memo also goes on to suggest perhaps not having a full time City Engineer. In the memo, City Manager Gary Bradley wonders if the City of Kewanee gets enough value out of a full time City Engineer or whether the city might benefit from hiring an engineer on a contract basis.


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