City of Kewanee Continues Sewer Work on Monday

The City of Kewanee Public Works Department will be performing more sewer work on Monday and Tuesday, July 6th and 7th. According to the Public Works Department spokesperson, Beth Kelley, sewer work starts again on Monday at 8:30 Am in the area of Willard Street between East McClure and Mill Street. Resident in the area will not be able to use any sewer or household drain. Residents will also not be able to wash clothes or dishes, take showers or baths, flush toilets, and should turn off sump pumps connected to sewer service. Due to the equipment in this procedure requiring use of water from neighborhood hydrants in the areas, residents in or near these areas may experience low water pressure or rusty water. Residents are advised to use only cold water to flush out water inside their homes. Work will continue Tuesday morning at 8:30 Am in the area of West Division and Beach Street with residents under the same restrictions.

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