City of Kewanee Announces Office Closure and Staff Restrictions

The City of Kewanee has announced that access to local municipal facilities will be restricted as counter-measures continue to limit COVID-19. In a statement to the media on Monday, Kewanee City Manager Gary Bradley announced that City buildings will be closed to the public. The full statement from City Manager Gary Bradley is below…

The safety of our employees and the customers that we serve is our highest priority. Providing alternative operations is an effort to enhance the safety of our employees and the customers that we serve by limiting potential opportunities for exposure to the novel coronavirus COVID-19. While such alternative operations may prove impersonal and less convenient than we’ve all grown accustomed to, they are intended to improve public safety in a time of global pandemic.
In establishing the timing of our implementation of such alternative operations, strong consideration was given to avoid contributing to mass hysteria or unreasonable panic balanced with the reality that the virus could inevitably make its way into our community and become a significant threat to public health and welfare.
Balancing those competing ideals, effective today the following measures have been put into place:
1. All Municipal Facilities are closed to the public.
a. Utility Payments can be made via the Drop Box located in the
City Hall Parking Lot (cash over-payments will be credited to the account holder’s account). b. Mail your payment to: City of Kewanee
401 E 3rd St Kewanee Il 61443 c. Pay online at or by calling 1-877-885-

2. Face to face interactions between City employees and the public will
be limited through the use of telephones, email, and other technology as appropriate.

3. Certain practices, such as inspections, are temporarily on hold.

4. City employees who are sick are directed to stay home.

5. Certain city employees may be directed to stay home for their own

6. All non-essential public meetings are cancelled or delayed. The City  will continue to monitor the advice and recommendations of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Municipal League regarding potential impactful changes or relief from requirements of the Open Meetings Act that would allow for such meetings to be conducted electronically or via conference call.

7. Other changes have been made with regard to internal operations to further enhance the safety of our employees in the performance of their duties.

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