City of Kewanee Adding Trash Pick Up Days to Help with Extra Trash from Stay at Home Order

Shelter at home means more garbage therefore the City of Kewanee is adding trash pick up days. In a release from the City of Kewanee, City Manager Gary Bradley announced additional trash pick up days. On Friday, April 3rd, Kewanee residents who live East of Main Street and Tenney should put out their trash cart for pick up. Then, on Monday, April 6th, residents who live West of Main Street and Tenney should put out their carts for pick up. Extra trash bags are not permitted because they are potential hazard to employees for exposure to COVID-19. Be sure to have trash carts on the side of the road by 7 Am on April 3rd and April 6th for the designated sides of the City. Please also remember to pull your cart back from the road once it is empty.

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