City Headed to Court Over Boiler Property March 20th

The City of Kewanee is headed to court over the Boiler Property. The latest Kewanee City Council Packet for the Monday, March 9th, Kewanee City Council Meeting, announced that the City has a date in court with Jordan Womack, the most recently listed owner of the Boiler Property, on Friday, March 20th. Kewanee Director of Community Development Keith Edwards has asked Kewanee City attorney Justin Rave to seek the maximum allowable fine for Womack who has refused to work with the City of Kewanee on remediating the site. Womack has long claimed that he no longer owns the property though he has failed to provide any evidence that the property was sold to anyone else. Meanwhile, the Federal Government has approached the City of Kewanee about gaining access to the site. Federal investigators have also struggled to gett Mr Womack to give his permission to look over the site and they are hoping the City of Kewanee can help. 

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