Celebrating 38 Years of Freedom House with Founder Nedda Simon

In May of 1983 Nedda Simon wasn’t setting out to do something incredible. Nedda was trying to help a woman was being abused and desperately needed to get away from the home she shared with her abuser. With that in mind, Nedda took to the air on WZOE and announced she was looking for a place to rent. She found a place in Wyanet that was well priced and habitable and from that moment on, Freedom House would grow from that location into a series of places that would provide safe harbor to those escaping from abuse. She didn’t set out to do something incredible but she achieved the incredible and since then the idea that started as a small building in Wyanet for rent, has helped change thousands of lives for the better. It’s a remarkable legacy and one that Nedda selflessly shares with the people who have carried on the legacy of Freedom House from Wyanet, to Princeton, to Henry County, and dozens of cities and towns where those who are struggling under an abuser know that they can find shelter. It’s a privilege to have had the chance to talk with Nedda Simon, the founder of Freedom House.

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