Bustos, Durbin and Duckworth Release Statement Regarding Thomson Prison Designated as a Quarantine Site

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Senators, Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, have released a joint statement critical of the Bureau of Prisons and the Trump administration. The Bureau of Prisons, in cooperation with the White House, has designated Thomson Prison as one of 11 nationwide quarantine sites. Federal prisoners are set to be transferred to Thomson Prison to avoid exposure to COVID-19 in other federal prisons. Bustos, Durbin and Duckworth are expressing concern that not enough is being done to make sure transferred inmates are not asymptomatic and could potentially endanger the current population, staff and location surrounding Thomson Prison. You can read the joint statement below…

“We are disturbed to learn that BOP is preparing to transfer hundreds of additional inmates to USP Thomson without appropriate preventive measures in place, such as testing all inmates to be transferred for COVID-19. Let’s be clear, screening without testing will not prevent the transfer of asymptomatic inmates with COVID-19. The Trump Administration has failed to ensure that BOP has adequate testing capacity, which could lead to COVID-19 outbreaks in rural communities, where some of the newly-designated ‘quarantine locations’ like USP Thomson are located. We urge the Department of Justice and the Bureau to immediately ramp up testing and take additional steps to protect the staff and inmates at USP Thomson and the surrounding community, including by addressing the serious under-staffing issues that persist at USP Thomson.”

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