Braveheart Children’s Advocacy Center to Hold Fundraiser on April 4th in Kewanee

Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center will hold a fundraiser on April 4th at the Flemish American Club in Kewanee. It's Braveheart's biggest fundraiser of the year and it goes to support the incredible work that braveheart does in protecting and caring for children in danger. Braveheart Children's Advocacy is called in when a child has been subjected to sexual abuse or physical abuse. The trained professional staff at Braveheart have expertise in helping children tell authorities what happened to them while working on not making the child relive the trauma of their abuse. You can support the efforts of Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center by purchasing a ticket for their fundraiser on April 4th. The fundraiser carries a Dr Seuss theme and is being referred to as a "Fantabbulous Evening." Tickets for the evening are $25.00 and can be purchased by calling Jackie 309-937-5663. The night will feature a silent auction, photo booth, a raffle and ALL of the proceeds go to support Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center as they work to protect the most vulnerable children in our communities, those who've suffered abuse. Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center was recently awarded the Regional Media Hometiown Hope Grant and you can expect to hear even more about Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center throughout the month of March as part of our Hometown Hope program. 

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