Braveheart Children’s Advocacy Center Receives Regional Media Hometown Hope Grant

Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center is the recipient of the Regional Media Hometown Hope Grant for the month of March. Based in Cambridge, Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center has a mission and that mission is to strengthen our community’s response to child abuse through prevention, intervention and advocacy. Braveheart is a child-focused model that coordinates the investigation and treatment services for children involved in allegations of sexual or serious physical abuse. Their office located at 292 South East Road, Suite A, Cambridge, serves as the heart of the multidisciplinary team's initial response to child abuse. Prior to Braveheart kids had to endure multiple interviews with many different people, often re-traumatizing the child they are seeking to assist. Braveheart ensures that the child must only be interviewed one time, by one person, in a safe child friendly place. The Braveheart staff member who interviews the child is specially trained to conduct a neutral fact-finding forensic interview. Many people still don't know about Braveheart and what we offer in our community because of the sensitive subject we work with. Even from the beginning of Braveheart, most do not know why we are a crucial asset for the community. Braveheart was founded because from 1992 to 1997, five young children were brutally beaten to death by their mother’s abusive boyfriends in Henry County Illinois. In response to these murders, a multidisciplinary team (MDT) was created. Braveheart's Annual Fundraiser, which you will be hearing a lot about this month, is taking place on April 4th from 6 Pm to 9 Pm at the Flemish American Club in Kewanee. The theme this year is Dr. Seuss  with dinner, cash bar, raffle, silent auction, and so much more! Invite your friends, family, coworkers, etc. to this annual event!  Please contact us at 309-937-5663 or [email protected] to purchase your tickets! One ticket for $25 or eight tickets for $175! Limited space available and spots fill up quick! 

Thank you to Braveheart Children's Advocacy Center for what you do in our community and congratulations on becoming our Hometown Hope Grant recipient for the month of March

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