Bishop Hill Launches Historic Tour of Bishop Hill App

The Bishop Hill Heritage Association has announced the launch of a virtual tour of the Colony via a new app. According to the information from the Bishop Hill Heritage Association, the app, via, will give visitors the chance to take a virtual tour of the Colony Era of Bishop Hill. The app includes a narrated walking tour of historic sites in Bishop Hill and uses photos and narration to take the user back in time to the historic era when Bishop Hill was the economic engine of Henry County. Brian Fox Ellis is the Project Manager behind the app project and he says in a release to WKEI…

“I think the original founders of Bishop Hill would be intrigued with the idea,” he said, adding, “In the Colony period this town was the economic engine of Henry County with a mill, forge, hospital and hotel, the colony was always innovating. They were early investors in agricultural technology, so it is within that tradition that we are a regional leader in developing this easy to use cutting-edge tour of the historic sites. I find it pleasantly ironic that we are an historic village with a high speed fiber optic connection to the world!”

The app allows you to create a printable map of Bishop Hill for your next visit, one you can enjoy with a narrated walking tour by going to

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