Anthony Law from Carl Sandburg College to Speak at Saturday Black Lives Matter Protest

Anthony Law, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion at Carl Sandburg College, will be the keynote Speaker at Saturday’s Black Lives Matter peaceful and socially distanced protest. The announcement of Mr Law as Keynote was made by organizer Taurean Bond via social media on Thursday. Mr Law’s address will start the protest at 1 Pm at Kewanee City Hall. From there, the protest will travel a marked course from City Hall to Northeast Park where a demonstration will be held. Participants are asked to please wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Those walking in the protest should bring water and stay hydrated. Upon arrival at Northeast Park all participants are invited to participate in laying on the field for 9 minutes to commemorate the time that George Floyd was held to the ground prior to his death. WKEI has reached out to Anthony Law to be a guest on WKEI’s Open Line program on Friday morning.

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