Ameren Illinois Reminds Residents About Daylight Savings Time This Sunday

Sunday, March 14th, is Daylight Savings Time when clocks will ‘Spring Forward.’ Ameren Illinois believes that Daylight Savings Time is the perfect time to make sure that your Home Emergency Kit is fully stocked. “While many of us lose sleep about moving our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time, this annual ritual has become an important safety reminder for all of us to check or change the batteries in our smoke detectors,” said Karen Boulanger, Director of Safety, Ameren Illinois. “Safety is paramount at Ameren Illinois, which is why we are encouraging our customers to remember to update more than just their clocks. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to restock or create a family emergency preparedness kit in the event of an emergency or a storm causes a power outage.”

Ameren Illinois recommends an emergency preparedness kit stocked with the following essential items and supplies and stored in a dry area:

Water bottles
Non-perishable food items
First-aid kit
Sleeping bag/blanket
Cash (small bills and change)
Battery-powered radio
Battery-powered alarm clock
Ice cooler for temporary food or medication storage
List of emergency contacts
Copies of essential documents
Pet supplies, if you have pets

Ameren Illinois offers other home preparedness tips should the lights go out:

Fill the gas tank in your vehicle
Prepare your home generator by filling it with gas and purchasing additional gas
Charging your cellphone and other important electronic devices
Turn down the temperature on your refrigerator to keep it as cool as possible
Ensure the refrigerator and freezer are closed, as frozen food can keep up to 48 hours
Turn off or unplug sensitive electronic devices, or make sure they are protected by a
surge protector

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