Abilities Plus Partnering with the U.S Census Bureau to Encourage People to Get Counted

Abilities Plus in Kewanee announced on Tuesday that they are partnering with the U.S Census. In a letter to the media on Tuesday, Kim Walker, Executive Director at Abilities Plus, made the announcement. In the letter, which you can read below, Ms Walker states that an accurate count is critical…

Abilities Plus is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the United States Census Bureau to encourage all to respond to the 2020 US Census. An accurate count of all residents is critical to ensure appropriate allocation of funds for agencies like Abilities Plus. Completing the census is one way that you can assist local nonprofit agencies and organizations, as well as local governing bodies. It is also essential for representation, to make sure our local voices are heard.

For the first time, you can easily respond to the census online. Simply go to 2020census.gov. The process is quick, easy and secure. Abilities Plus is planning upcoming sessions to help individuals who would like assistance completing the census online. Please check our website (www.abilitiesplus.org), or the Abilities Plus facebook page for updates on these sessions. You can also contact us by phone at (309) 852-4646.

Responding by mail is still an option too. The important thing is to get counted! Your response will help give a voice to all of the individuals with delays and disabilities served by Abilities Plus, as well as help our organization plan a positive future.


Kim Walker
Executive Director

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