U of I Takes Steps To Protect Students Amid Coronavirus Concerns

School officials have taken steps to protect students on the University of Illinois campus amid concerns about the coronavirus from China.


More than 5,000 students from China attend the school, including more than 100 from Wuhan, where the virus originated.  There have been no reports of the coronavirus at the university.


Dr. Robert Parker at the University of Illinois’ McKinley Health Center personally contacted the students with any connection to the province in China where the virus originated.  He says nine students said they were feeling ill, but none were flagged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Person Under Investigation, or PUI.




He says the students largely went above recommendations and kept a low profile if they felt any symptoms.


The U of I, along with most other universities in the state, announced in January that they were closing their campuses in China and canceling trips there.

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