Princeton Mayor Updates Residents On COVID-19

Princeton Mayor Joel Quiram is updating residents on the effort to combat COVID-19.

He says while we’re never going to have total compliance with the stay at home order and social distancing, he believes city residents are doing a better job with it. The mayor says he stays at home about 90 percent of the time except for quick trips to city hall and walks in the neighborhood.

Mayor Quiram says more people are wearing face masks than even just a week ago. He says wearing a mask is not a huge hindrance and he estimates he wears a mask around 80 percent of the time he’s out.
He also says he’s noticed less traffic on Main Street, a sign that more people are obeying Governor Pritzker’s stay at home order. Quiram says he believes it’s likely the governor will extend the order through the end of May.

There have been seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bureau County. The mayor says recoveries have been made by several of the early cases.

Mayor Quiram says city services are functioning smoothly despite adjustments made to comply with social distancing. The last city council meeting was the first in the history of Princeton that was done electronically, with the mayor, council members and general public all joining the meeting online. This coming Monday’s city council meeting will be online as well.

The mayor commented on the passing from lymphoma of Princeton Police Department K-9 Renda, calling it the loss of an officer and a well-loved family pet.

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