Princeton Mayor Issues Updates On Coronavirus

Princeton Mayor Joel Quiram has issued an update on Coronavirus in the area.  On his Facebook page, Quiram said five new counties on Sunday reported residents with Coronavirus.  They are; Champaign, Clinton, Sangamon, Whiteside and Winnebago.  There were also at least 29 new cases reported on Sunday.  There are now a total of 93 in the state.  Quiram said, as of the time of yesterday’s post, there were no cases reported in Bureau, Marshall or Putnam counties.
Mayor Quiram also announced information regarding Perry Memorial Hospital and testing for Coronavirus from Perry’s CEO:

“The decision to test is not in Perry’s power. Tests are only being done by 4 labs in the State.  The Illinois Department of public health decides the parameters in which these labs are to accept specimen.  IDPH provides direction to the Bureau County Health Department who then provides PERRY direction.  We are following their direction last updated Saturday at 4:45.  At 10 pm Saturday night, we received notice of a meeting to be held Monday morning for further updates.  Our infection control nurse has been in regular communication with the health department and our doctors.  No commercial labs are able to test in our area due to the lack of reagents.  Parameters for state testing are very specific about symptoms, travel or exposure, and negative tests for other conditions such as the flu which must be ruled out first.  Again, this is not in Perry’s power to change or work outside of the direction of public health.  We will also provide a public update via our webpage and Facebook.”

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