Princeton Issues Burn Ban and Recycling Change

Princeton Mayor Joel Quiram is announcing a couple of changes for the city’s residents.  He says effectively immediately a burn ban is in effect.  Burning was to begin today, Wednesday, April 1 and was to continue through April 30.  Respiratory issues compounded by COVID-19 is the reason for the change.  The mayor says the issue will be revisited in the fall.

Mayor Quiram also says, per Republic’s guidelines, residents are asked to use clear plastic bags when bagging recycling materials.  Residents who don’t have clear plastic bags should place their recycling materials in the container used for recycling, without bagging.

He says the reason for this is that Republic’s outlet for recyclables, Resource Management, will not accept recycling that is bagged unless it is in clear plastic bags.  They have to be able to see what is in the bag without ripping it open.

The mayor says this is not the case for garbage, as clear plastic bags are not required for garbage.  Any bag will do.

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