Princeton City Council Approves Street Repair Program

This year’s street repair program has been approved by the Princeton City Council.  On his Facebook page, Mayor Joel Quiram says the program was approved at Monday night’s city council meeting.  Quiram says in past years they have been able to put between $130,000 and $150,000 of work into the city’s streets. That amounted to a block here, and a block there, which didn’t get them very far.

This year, as a result of the street sales tax referendum that passed last spring, and the motor fuel tax money from the state, which is Princeton’s share of the tax the state collects on every sale of gasoline in town, they are able to put $800,000 into Princeton streets this year and every year for the foreseeable future.

This year, the city will be repairing the following streets:  Pleasant, from Peru to the courthouse; Park Ave, from the courthouse to 1st Street; Central, from Randolph to Pleasant; Central, from Fairgrounds Road to Gosse; 5th Street, from Park Ave to Peru; 5th Street, from Central to Peru; alleys between Main & Pleasant, from Warren to Putnam; the parking lot behind Downtown Pub will get a second and final layer of asphalt; and work on South Main which has just been completed.

Mayor Quiram says depending on sales tax receipts for April and May and beyond (affected by COVID-19), the city also hopes to rebuild the parking lot behind Spoons, the walkway and Meadows, including new sidewalks and landscaping.

The mayor says this is possible because Princeton residents chose to buy their gas in town and shop Princeton first.

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