Princeton Cancels Annual Citywide Cleanup Week

It looks like Princeton will not be holding its citywide cleanup week this year.  Mayor Joel Quiram told WZOE that he is recommending to not follow up with the annual “junk days” that had been rescheduled for October.  The two week event was canceled this spring due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Quiram says last year Republic Services billed the city $8342 for the refuse the city picked up during two weeks of city-wide clean up.  With five trucks running along with an end loader, fuel costs were roughly $1300 for the two week period.  He says a two week clean-up this year could have cost more than $10,000.

The mayor says from the city’s stand point, with the yet unknown costs of clean-up from the August 11 storm and the uncertainty of state action regarding COVID, it is not a wise financial decision to hold a two week city wide clean up this year.  He says they will re-visit the event for the next budget year, beginning May 1, 2021.

Mayor Quiram says there are other options.  The transfer station will take everything you can take to it.  They charge Princeton residents $2.50 per 50 pounds of refuse.  They charge $47 per ton and dropping off a typical sofa will cost $4.  The mayor says he knows this is unfortunate news for many, but it’s what the city must do.

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