Princeton Annual Citywide Clean-Up Starts Monday

The City of Princeton, Citywide Clean-Up begins on Monday, May 3rd. On Monday, all residences East of Main Street will have a pick up day. Then, the following Monday, May 10th, residences West of Main Street will have their pick up day. Residents are reminded to have items out for pick up by 6 Am on Monday. Yard waste will not be picked up during the week of May 3rd. Items that will not be picked up during the Citywide Clean Up include:

– small, loose items that are not bagged (new this year)
– demolition materials
– white goods (stoves, dishwashers, etc.)
– special or hazardous waste
– rock, bricks or concrete
– tires, oil or oil tanks
– paint cans with wet paint in them
– electronics

Also, from the City of Princeton:

Small, loose items will not be picked up unless the are bagged.
All bags must be contained in an area not to exceed 5’x5’x5’.
All pipes and rods must be cut to a 4 ft. length.
Swing sets must be taken apart and cut.
The garbage truck will take what it can, and the rest will be picked up with a loader and dump truck.
Put junk in an orderly pile where your garbage is normally collected.


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