Peru Police Using Zero Tolerance Approach To Illegal Fireworks Activity

The City of Peru is cracking down on people illegally setting off fireworks.  Police Chief Doug Bernabei says since announcing a zero tolerance approach, his department has responded to four complaints and in each case charges were filed.  A 31 year old Peru man, a 25 year old Peru man, a 23 year old La Salle man and a 17 year old male juvenile from Peru were charged.

Chief Bernabei says the use of illegal fireworks causes a quality of life issue to most residents particularly the very young and the elderly including our war veterans who are the very reason that we enjoy our independence.  He adds the illegal fireworks also cause harm to and frighten animals.

Bernabei promises that the strict enforcement and zero tolerance will continue, saying the quality of life for residents as well as the safety of all is paramount and drives this strict enforcement approach.

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