Perry Memorial Hospital-OSF Healthcare Update

Perry Memorial Hospital has issued an update on their discussions with OSF Healthcare concerning a possible affiliation.

“Perry Memorial Hospital, the City of Princeton, and OSF HealthCare teams are currently focused on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.  Our priorities are to concentrate on protecting our community residents, patients, visitors, and staff.  We are all closely monitoring the developing situation and are proactively working on the prevention of the spread of this viral illness. 

The discussion to explore a more defined relationship between Perry and OSF Healthcare continues.  Our public outreach—via printed articles that explain the progression of this potential OSF affiliation—will be on hold until COVID-19 ceases to be a national crisis. 

Our goal remains to address questions from the community in future communications.  Submit questions to:  Additionally, for information and updates specific to COVID-19, community members may visit and“.

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